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VA Loans and Multi-Family Homes

Learn about multi-family units and how a homebuyer can use a VA Loan to purchase a multi-family home.

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VA Loans and Multi-Family Units

Multi-family housing units can be a great opportunity for a homebuyer. With a multi-family unit, the owner can rent the extra space and earn supplementary income to put toward monthly mortgage payments and living expenses.

Traditionally, the VA Home Loan program is not meant for, or can be used on, the purchase of investment property; however, multi-family units are a different story. The official definition states that, “residential property may not consist of more than four family units and one business unit except in the case of certain joint loans.”

What this means is that a homebuyer may use a VA Loan on a multi-family unit, as long as the homebuyer occupies 25 percent of the unit as their primary residence.